Walking and cycling routes to be upgraded across Abu Dhabi


By Manal Ismail  www.thenational.ae

Walking and cycling routes across Abu Dhabi are to be improved in an effort to make the emirate more pedestrian and cyclist-friendly, under plans being finalised by the Department of Transport.

Walking and cycling routesThe Pedestrian and Bikeway Master Plan, which includes Al Ain and the Western Region, hopes to tempt commuters out of their cars by making the activities more comfortable, partly through the use of more trees and shaded areas.

New routes, awareness campaigns and demonstrations are planned to make the activities as safe and convenient as possible.

The 12-month planning process is expected to be completed early next year, and will take into consideration current and future road infrastructure.

Cycling is seen by the Department of Transport as an ideal way for residents and visitors to explore the emirate, while bringing about environmental and health benefits.

The vision is in line with the Plan Abu Dhabi 2030, which aims to make the emirate a sustainable, pedestrian-friendly zone for both visitors and residents.

The Department of Transport is working on the plan with the Urban Planning Council and the Department of Municipal Affairs.

Workshops open to residents will be held in the coming months.