UAE Recovery Hinges on new projects in Abu Dhabi


By Sadik Al Rumaithi

Abu Dhabi, once a low business activity, quiet capital, is now undertaking large projects and has invested billions of dirham in these projects.

Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi

Few days back, the Greater Abu Dhabi 2030 project was inaugurated. This project shall make Abu Dhabi a modern and people friendly city.

In this project great emphasis has been laid on the environment and lays new global standards in the urban development.

The project has greater concern for the pedestrians and they shall have the first right instead of the motorist.

The public transport system, including Metro and trams, are on the highest priority instead of the motorist. The Abu Dhabi Metro shall be ready by 2016 and the network of the trams on the existing roads, is expected to reduce the congestion on the roads.

The narrow roads, public parks, greenery, emphasized in this project, shall encourage the public to walk instead of taking to their personal cars. This, however, shall necessitate in the relocation of the city centre and other buildings.

Although, the project is going to cause lot of inconvenience to the public and disruptions, but these are ultimately going to be worthwhile.

This concept is new thought in the Gulf and should be adopted for all the big cities in the world over, as the emissions from the vehicles are a major factor for the global warming. These days, the planners are laying greater emphasis on the public transport and green spaces.