Traveling From Dubai to Abu Dhabi by Bus



Abu Dhabi and Dubai are two of the seven emirates comprising the United Arab Emirates. Buses from the smaller emirate of Dubai travel southwest along the Persian Gulf coast to reach the city of Abu Dhabi, the capital city and the largest settlement in the emirate of Abu Dhabi.

The cityscape features green parks and gardens, wide boulevards and high-quality shopping malls and luxury hotels. Step 1 Choose your departure time. Buses for Abu Dhabi leave the Dubai main bus station between 6.20 a.m and 9.40 p.m. daily, as of the time of publication; departures are typically every 40 minutes.

Generally, departures are more frequent on holidays. Step 2 Buy a ticket for your chosen bus departure; buses are run by the RTA Dubai bus line ( Tickets are available at Dubai’s central Al Ghubaiba bus station, or you can buy a ticket or bus pass online before traveling.

Step 3 Expect to arrive in Abu Dhabi two hours after departing from Dubai. More info