The pain of the aggressive driver



Speed kills and you could be the killer: KT’s safety campaign will focus on ten elements that need to be addressed in improving road safety standards.

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‘Know safety, no injury. No safety, know injury’

Nothing gets you into a bad mood like some cretin cutting across your lane when you are driving safely. That and the person who gets past you from the shoulder on the wrong side and you are forced to swerve.

And let’s not forget that other chump who rides up your rear and you can see him looming in your rearview mirror and you are saying to yourself, move back, move back but he just won’t. These guys are scary and they are usually in SUVs so if you are in a normal sedan you do get intimidated.

Bad driving, getting into the right lane well in time, maintaining a three car distance, these are basics and it defies common sense that so many of us don’t bother to follow the etiquette.

I was driving down to office and this man is on a roundabout holding a mobile phone in his hand and steering with one hand and the car is all over the place and he almost went over the arc of the circle.

Your personality does have something to do with the way you drive. Surveys have shown that the general driver and the aggressive driver will react differently to similar situations. The National Highway Transportation Safety Authority has this to say about the aggressors:

“All drivers, whether they think of themselves as aggressive or not, uniformly blame unsafe driving on the other driver. General drivers expressed dismay at specific unsafe driving maneuvers — drivers who speed, change lanes frequently, cut them off, and force their way ahead. Aggressive drivers, on the other hand, blame those who are going too slow in the passing lane and cars at the speed limit who force them to change lanes and weave in and out of traffic. As one woman said, “Get out of my way, please.”

Aggressive drivers also admitted to going much faster than the other groups and said that cars going 80 kph should be in the slow lanes. They also spoke of Left Lane Etiquette — “If I’m going 80 mph in the fast lane and someone comes up behind me, I should move out of his way.” They think slower drivers are the problem. Paradoxically, the aggressive drivers will go out of their way to block another car trying to pass or cut in front of them.”

Been there, seen that, we go through these experiences every day and the aggressive driver is a psychological case study. While he is likely to be in younger age category that is not always true, you can see 55 -year-old aggressive drivers. Affluence, power, position, the size of the vehicle and a natural personality trait of being a bully, whether at work, at home or in a social setting, the same core conduct manifests itself behind the wheel.

Such people are the worst when it comes to the use of indicators. General drivers will indicate their turn a normal 100 metres or so prior to making it.  Aggressive drivers will hit their indicator either half a mile and three turns earlier which is dangerous because that light has been blinking for a minute now and that is not safe driving.

Either that or they’ll switch it on 10 metres from the turn and then careen away while the person behind them  goes crazy and those waiting on his right cannot take advantage of his  turn because he did not give them time to enter the mainstream. The odds are also pretty neat that he will not indicate at all and just go off the main track.

If you sense an aggressive driver, don’t compete. If he is stupid, you don’t have to be. More info