TDIC to build Saadiyat Island transport hub



Tourism Development and Investment Company (TDIC) is to construct a multi-modal transportation hub on its flagship Saadiyat Island development.

The transport hub will handle the flow of visitors to Saadiyat's cultural district.
The transport hub will handle the flow of visitors to Saadiyat's cultural district.

The project, which is named the Cultural Land Bridge due to its proposed location in the mega-project’s cultural district, is at “a concept stage” at present.

It will also include a mall and commercial space, with possible residential space, according to TDIC director of infrastructure Andrew Seymour.

“Right now it’s at a concept level but it’ll be one of these hubs like you have in Hong Kong where you can use the Metro, the bus or the light railway,” Seymour said. “It’ll be a great structure, although it’s pretty complicated.”

There is no indication as to when designs for the structure will be complete, or when contractors will be invited to bid for the project.

It will be located above the Expressway section of the main Saadiyat Link road, on the island side of Saadiyat Bridge. The bridge is on schedule for a September 1 opening.

The Expressway continues through the middle of Saadiyat Island onto Yas Island, so providing a link from downtown Abu Dhabi to Saadiyat and the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix circuit on Yas Island.

The Expressway has been dug into the land to restrict noise for the 160,000 people that are expected to be resident on the island.

Abu Dhabi government-owned TDIC is planning the hub in conjunction with the Abu Dhabi Department of Transport (DoT).

“We’ve been working with the DoT quite closely to make sure that we won’t do anything that may stop them doing what they need to do in the future,” Seymour said.

“They’re still strategising on how they’re going to carry out much of what they need to do. They want the developers to build some of this stuff.”

Saadiyat Bridge includes provision for light rail running the length of its central reservation that will link to the proposed hub.

Plans are also underway for the Abu Dhabi Metro to be tunnelled across to Saadiyat Island, emerging at the proposed hub.