Riyadh awards $22bn contracts for its six-line metro


By www.thenational.ae

Saudi Arabia on Monday has awarded US$22 billion in contracts to build a metro in Riyadh, the biggest public transport system under development according to the government.

Six driverless subway lines, set to be built all at once over the next five years, are to span 176 kilometres connecting the airport, government buildings, universities and the city centre – making it an unusual and potentially disruptive construction project with building sites set to spring up across the capital.

The government gave out three engineering and construction packages this week: a $9.4bn contract for two metro lines has gone to a consortium of the US’s Bechtel, Germany’s Siemens, the regional Consolidated Contractors Company and Saudi Arabia’s Almabani; a $5.2bn contract went to a consortium led by Italy’s Ansaldo STS; and a $7.8bn contract for three lines was awarded to Spain’s Fomento de Construcciones y Contratas (FCC), France’s Alstom and South Korea’s Samsung C&T. It was the biggest international construction contract for a Spanish company in history. More info