Recycled building wastes to be used in Etihad Rail work


By Staff report

Recycled aggregates from construction and demolition wastes will go towards the development of the Etihad Railway Network in Abu Dhabi, announced the Centre for Waste Management (CWM).

Thiess Services Middle East’s recycling facility at Al Dhafra.
Thiess Services Middle East’s recycling facility at Al Dhafra.

The venture will take place under a strategic agreement between the CWM and contractor Thiess Services Middle East (TSME) to manage a recycling facility for construction and demolition wastes.

TSME will supply at least 750,000 tonnes of recycled aggregates to Al Jaber Group for the completion of the railway project’s first phase.  The contract will save 5 million kilometres in the transportation of construction materials by truck, reducing the project’s financial and environmental costs.

“The use of recycled aggregates brings important technical, environmental and economic benefits to our customers and to Abu Dhabi,” said TSME general manager Tim Harwood.

“This is the first order for the Etihad Rail project but we are receiving very positive feedback about our recycled product from many contractors in the region and we expect further significant orders in the near term.”

Production at the Al Dhafra recycling facility, the first of its kind in the Middle East, was temporarily ceased last year due to insufficient sale orders.

Renewed interest in using recycled material to construct major infrastructure projects, including highways and ports, has led the CWM to anticipate the restart of production in the near future.

The facility processes 98 per cent of inflowing raw construction and demolition waste (by weight) into high-quality recycled aggregates, at a rate of up to 600 tonnes per hour. More info