New paid parking areas for Abu Dhabi


By Staff

The Department of Transport (DoT) in Abu Dhabi has announced the implementation of Mawaqif parking management in two new sectors in the Central Market Area.

Sectors E1 and E2, managing 1,297 parking spaces in the area will start from Sunday.

This new implementation has been undertaken in order to survey the residents and commercial requirements of the sectors and prepare the sectors for full implementation.

Sector E1 is located in the Central Market area between Corniche Road from the north, Khalifa Bin Zayed Street to the south, Airport Road from the west, and Liwa Street from the east, providing 961 parking spaces.

Sector E2 is located between Khalifa Bin Zayed Street from the north and Hamdan Street from the south, Airport Road to the west, and Liwa Street from the east, providing 336 parking spaces.

Parking management services will apply in these areas during Ramadan timings over two periods: from 9am until 4pm, and from 10.30pm until 2.30 am and after Eid Al Fitr from 8am to 12 midnight, Saturday to Thursday. More info