New awareness guidelines for Abu Dhabi visitors



The Tourism Police Section at Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters is committed to spreading awareness among tourists. The Tourism Police distributed brochures and leaflets in 12 different languages to tourists regarding the code and conduct of Abu Dhabi.

The informative materials raise awareness regarding the traditions and customs of the UAE and are distributed in an effort to further develop the standards of tourism alongside disseminating greater cultural awareness amongst tourists.

Lieutenant Colonel Muzeed Al Otaibi, Chief of the Tourism Police Section at the Criminal Investigation Department, invited tourists not to hesitate in asking the Tourism Police officers for help.

He said: “The Tourism Police work diligently to reduce the circumstances that may negatively affect tourists and to ensure that tourists are not exploited or subjected to scams. The section is additionally attentive towards ensuring that tourists are able to safely visit the touristic sites and landmarks within the UAE.” More info