National Bank of Abu Dhabi increases Emiratisation to 39%



The National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD), the Number One Bank in the UAE, increased the number of its UAE national employees to 39% at the end of 2010. NBAD recruited 393 UAE nationals during 2010, thus increasing Emiratisation to 39% from 36% a year earlier.

Ehab Anis Hassan, the Group Chief Human Resources Officer at NBAD.
Ehab Anis Hassan, the Group Chief Human Resources Officer at NBAD.

The Government of the UAE has mandated that financial services companies to make UAE nationals comprise 40% of the workforce. With NBAD starting 2011 at 39% Emiratisation the Bank is in position to achieve the Government’s mandate this year.

“While 2010 remained a tough year for most UAE banks, which kept the job market tight, NBAD expanded and added to its workforce. At the same time, we remained committed to our strategy of recruiting and developing UAE‘s talented minds,” said Ehab Anis Hassan, the Group Chief Human Resources Officer at NBAD. “I am very proud of NBAD’s commitment and achievements in Emiratisation.”

Mr. Hassan added: “Our commitment to Emiratisation is rooted in our corporate culture as NBAD is the core DNA of Abu Dhabi and the Bank is committed to supporting Abu Dhabi Vision 2030. We believe NBAD must contribute to the development of the nation’s human resources.”

NBAD has won a number of awards and recognitions for its Emiratisation programmes and record. Michael H. Tomalin, the Group Chief Executive of NBAD, won the Best Emiratisation CEO award in Banking Sector 2009 from Emirates Institute for Banking and Financial studies. NBAD won the Human Resources Development Award in Banking Sector for 2008 for its successful Emiratisation programmes.

NBAD’s distinguished programmes have also made the Bank the nation’s employer of Choice, especially for UAE nationals. These programmes are further strengthened by the Bank’s state-of-the-art NBAD Academy.

Under the NBAD AFAQ programme, for instance, the Bank hires recent university graduates and allows them to spend their first year of employment learning and training at NBAD Academy about the latest banking technologies and methods. During this time, employees receive full employment benefits. The programme has paved the way for many nationals to move to management position in a short time.

In another programme, NBAD sponsors enrolled university students by paying a monthly allowance and offers them internship. The nationals in this programme are guaranteed recruitment upon graduation.

The National Trainee Development – Al Bedayah – offers nationals to pursue a career path at branches or department while availing to them excellent training at NBAD Academy.

NBAD also participates in the annual National Career Exhibit and other recruitment events to hire UAE nationals. Last summer, the Bank signed an agreement with Abu Dhabi Tawteen Council (ADTC) and Emirates Institute of Banking and Financial Studies (EIBFS) to hire and train UAE national jobseekers.