Middle East Spends $100 Billion on Rail Projects


By Amy Drew www.comparecarrentals.co.uk

It now seems that, over the past few years, there has been an unprecedented amount of growth and investment in rail projects in the Middle East. This is not an area that looks like it will die off anytime soon either as rail projects continue to grow at an amazing rate.

The governments in the Middle East are now recognizing the boom in population, business, and tourism to the area. Thus, they now see it necessary to invest very heavily in rails as a way to stimulate the economy and keep growth high.

Right now it has been noted that the Gulf States are likely to spend about $100 billion on rail projects in upcoming years. This includes such projects as the Dubai Metro system, the Saudi’s Haramian high speed rail link, and the Abu Dhabi’s Surface Transport Master Plan, among others. Overall, almost every single country in the Middle East has announced some kind of plans that involve investment in rails. Experts from all over the world are running to the Middle East to ensure that they are, in some way, involved with all of these ground breaking projects.

Overall, the Middle East as a whole is on a very big growth spurt, and these new rail projects are just the icing on the cake. The Middle East has many projects in the works right now, much of which are to accommodate the growing number of travelers that the area is expecting. Countless amounts of hotels and new routes are opening up to the Middle East as it is proving to be a very hot tourist spot.