Khalifa University Signs MoU with the University of Bristol



Khalifa University, recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the University of Bristol, to establish and create the Visual Signal Analysis and Processing (“VSAP”) research centre at Khalifa University‘s campus in Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi universityBristol University is considered to be one of the top ten British Universities and among the top fifty ranking Universities in the world. The Bristol University VSAP Research Center is considered to be one of the most recognized centers worldwide in the scientific field of VSAP.

This MoU on joint research is further to an agreement signed in May 2010 between the two institutions, which outlined an intention to cooperate in many fields including; image analysis and processing of visual signals, exchange of information, joint use of laboratories, equipment, projects and research collaboration and staff as well as student exchanges, developing common academic programs which will in turn lead to the transfer of knowledge between the two universities.

The new VSAP center will focus on several key areas of research including; integration of image and video signals, as well as detection, classification and follow-up targets in the images and video signals, and transmission of signals, images and videos over networks. The VSAP Centre will address the needs of the state and the region in the area of defense, surveillance and other vitally important areas. The Center will benefit from the research success of Khalifa University and the reputation of the University of Bristol, which will support its objective of developing research in this critical area.

Khalifa University President, Professor Tod A. Laursen, commenting on the agreement stated, “Khalifa University is delighted to enter into this partnership with the University of Bristol; this agreement will allow us to boost our research profile internationally and it will also promote knowledge sharing and will in turn lead to human capacity building. Co-mentoring and partnerships such as these are a key mechanism for further development of world class research.”

Dr. Mohammed Al-Mualla, Interim Provost at Khalifa University commenting at the MoU signing stated: “We are pleased to sign this agreement with the University of Bristol. We will launch this center with four PhD students, all UAE Nationals, who will work on joint research projects and will be supervised by a joint team of researchers and members of faculty from each University. The joint research will be supported through constant contact and shared visits. The center will also develop an advanced laboratory which will be equipped with the latest equipment and software.”

Professor David Bull, Professor of Signal Processing in the Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department at the University of Bristol, commenting at the signing said, “For Bristol University, this collaboration with Khalifa University represents a unique opportunity to collaborate in the field of visual signal analysis and processing with what surely is, the fastest growing University in the world. This agreement will build a long-term beneficial relationship between the two universities. This MoU allows the University of Bristol, to contribute to the many research challenges in the region. Strategically, VSAP is a vital component which will support the economic development of the UK and the UAE.”