Dh30bn investment in parks, playgrounds planned for three cities


By Jen ThomasĀ  www.thenational.ae

ABU DHABI // Three communities will have new parks, playgrounds and landscaped areas as part of a Dh30 billion investment.

Mohammed bin Zayed City
Mohammed bin Zayed City

Mohammed bin Zayed City and Khalifa cities A and B will have new kerbs and pavements, street lights and greenery added over the next 10 years.

The municipality will start building the amenities this year.

“One of the municipality’s priorities is to improve the quality of life for the residents, to provide parks and landscape in the public realm, so to fulfil that goal we’re fast-tracking early parks,” said Bryan Wilson, the municipality’s project director for Mohammed bin Zayed City.

Six parks in that city, each with their own design, will be developed as part of the programme, and three parks in Khalifa City A are already being built.

The communities are expected to house 875,000 people in nearly 9,100 hectares when fully completed. Each neighbourhood will have its own gateway, with lighting and sculptures specially developed for each area.

Road infrastructure in all three communities is continuing, although most have basic road systems set up.

In Mohammed bin Zayed City, the municipality is in the process of converting roundabouts into intersections with signals, after 100 accidents were recorded at the roundabouts in September last year. That project will be completed in March.

“In MBZ, traffic volumes are increasing and this requires road and infrastructure upgrades to ensure vehicular and pedestrian safety,” Mr Wilson said.

“This will improve the traffic flow and reduce the number of accidents.”

He was speaking at a two-day conference on infrastructure, hosted by the Department of Municipal Affairs.

In Khalifa cities A and B, full infrastructure is expected to be in place by 2019 and the municipality will continue to consider population growth in each area.

Investment from the private sector is an option the municipality may consider for the future.

Mr Wilson said street lights and irrigation systems were being installed in the areas.

A light-rail transit system and an elevated metro are planned for Mohammed bin Zayed City, and road space has been allocated.

Green elements, such as encouraging a pedestrian culture and reducing road widths, are part of the plans. Shops, schools, mosques and other amenities are part of the planning process, and the Urban Planning Council expects to release a master plan for Khalifa cities A and B this year.