DED Organizes Abu Dhabi Forum in South Korea and China



Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (DED) is organizing Abu Dhabi Investment Forum in South Korea on May 30th and China on June 2nd.

Abu DhabiA high profile delegation is taking part in both events led by Nasser Ahmed Al Suwaidi, DED’s Chairman, and will include senior representatives from the local government entities to discuss and review potential investment opportunities with an aim to attract more investments from South Korea and China to Abu Dhabi.

Al Suwaidi will inaugurate both forums by addressing audience on the political and economic ties Abu Dhabi has with South Korea and China, focusing on key joint development projects with each country and available opportunities Abu Dhabi is offering to thrive and attract leading companies from both countries.

Omar Abdulla, the Undersecretary, DED, stated that the relation the UAE has with both South Korea and China are steadily growing and highly dynamic, especially in recent year, fuelled by the will of the UAE and both countries to open new opportunities for cooperation in investments whilst driving trade activities in line with mega development projects Abu Dhabi is witnessing to achieve 2030 Business Economic Vision.

“Abu Dhabi Investment Forum in both South Korea and China is part of several initiatives aimed to achieve the highest level of synergy with those countries to attain Abu Dhabi Leadership’s vision of attracting investments, opening opportunities for businessmen whilst benefitting from the Korean and Chinese experience in energy, industry and infrastructure sectors.” “Abu Dhabi Investment Forum that will be staged in South Korea and China offers insights on the opportunities and business potentials in the Emirate in industry, services, IT, transportation, contracting, energy, and infrastructure as well as other key activities”, he added.

Highlighting the ongoing-thriving economic relations the UAE has with South Korea and China, He said, “The steady growth rate of trade exchange with those two important countries underpins the healthy relations with them. Abu Dhabi’s Government is keen to bolster such ties, especially with countries that have great record in state- of- the- art technologies, to help fuel our economy, upscale the competitiveness of local company, thereby increase tendency in knowledge-based economy.” Non-oil UAE exports reported 27% growth rate, re-export 26% last year. This bears witness to the role the UAE plays as a thriving commercial hub for the region, providing high quality products whilst encouraging its partners from East Asia for more cooperation in trade and investments.