Abu Dhabi offers Estidama training programme


By Orlando Crowcroft  www.constructionweekonline.com

Abu Dhabi has launched a training programme for developers and designers to help them understand the new Pearl Rating system under the Estidama framework.

Abu Dhabi's Pearl rankings will apply to all developments built as part of the 2030 plan, unveiled at Cityscape in April.
Abu Dhabi's Pearl rankings will apply to all developments built as part of the 2030 plan, unveiled at Cityscape in April.

The Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council (UPC) has designed the training programme to help industry professionals understand how to achieve high Pearl ratings for new buildings in the emirate, and achieve higher levels of sustainability in future developments.

The first two courses cover understanding and awareness and application of the new system, and are applicable to architects, designers and developers, while the third course covers administration of the Pearl rating system and is aimed at those who will assess applications. All the courses help towards achieving the ranking of Estidama Pearl Qualified Professional (PQP).

“The successful implementation of Estidama’s principles and guidelines cannot be achieved without ensuring a seamless understanding of this sustainability initiative,” explained HE Falah Al Ahbabi, General Manager Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council.

“The Estidama training programme will not only introduce the key aspects of Estidama to Abu Dhabi’s urban development industry, but will also aim towards integrating sustainability practices into Abu Dhabi’s urban development process.”

The first course on offer is Understanding Estidama and the Pearl Rating Systems for Buildings, Villas and Communities, which provide an overview of Estidama, and what is needed for developers to achieve certain Pearl certification levels.

The second is the Application of the Pearl Rating System , which will provide professionals with a comprehensive understanding of the PRS credits and equip them with the ability to apply these to new developments. Those who attend this course will be prepared for the PQP exams for the Building Rating System and the Communities Rating System.

The final course on offer is the Administration of the Pearl Rating System courses, which will be provided to individuals that must assess applications. All three courses will run until 11 January.

Abu Dhabi’s Pearl rating system was unveiled earlier this year as part of the Estidama framework. The UPC plans to use the strict sustainable guidelines to evaluate all new buildings in the emirate, and achieving an adequate Pearl rating could eventually become compulsory for all future developments.

Pearl ratings evaluate buildings in the design phase, during construction and up to a year after the building has achieved full capacity, making the system far more onerous than LEED or BREAM rankings.