Abu Dhabi metro making progress


Residents of Abu Dhabi can take comfort from the fact that the first phase of the emirate’s metro will be operational by September 2015.

Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi

The first section of the planned urban transport system to be opened will be 42.5 kilometres long. In its entirety, the network will include 580 kilometres of high-speed lines, and a further 350 kilometres of light-rail trams.

This huge expansion is necessary for Abu Dhabi to cope with a projected tripling of its population over the next two decades.

With Dubai Metro coming on stream six years ahead of its counterpart in the capital, there are lessons to be learned. Abu Dhabi planners must use the same gauge of track as the Dubai system, allowing for an integrated network between the two emirates in the future. In addition, the electrified system should use the same technical specifications as the Dubai Metro.