Abu Dhabi launches agriculture campaign


Source:  gulfnews.com

The Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (ADFCA) has announced the launch of an agricultural campaign in line with the strategic plans of the emirate for the year 2030.

ADFCAA major step in ADFCA’s efforts for boosting agricultural productivity and crop quality in the emirate, the campaign aims to motivate farmers to adopt best practices for better protection of cultivable lands and the environment, betterment of the quality and quantity of agri-crops and resultant economic returns and reduction of the use of water resources.

Winning the trust of the consumers for local farming products and attaining higher levels of food security are among the main motives behind ADFCA’s reform drive in the farming sector.

Mubarak Ali Mohammad Al Mansouri, the Executive Director of Agriculture Sector, ADFCA, said that the Authority achieved leaps in developing the sector in the Emirate and in optimising the farmers’ capabilities.

New technologies

“We are focusing in these campaigns on streamlining the ties between the farmers and the land, and providing them with state-of-the -art technologies and capabilities. The objective is to nurture a sustainable agricultural sector that will benefit generations to come,” he said.

“The theme of the campaign centres around the national pride and honour that the nationals feel towards their country, along with the role of agriculture in strengthening ties between the farmers and land. The key theme for the campaign is that agriculture plays an integral role in developing the society and culture,” he added.