Abu Dhabi in drive to curb illegal migration


Source:  www.emirates247.com

Two key government departments in Abu Dhabi on Monday signed a landmark agreement to coordinate efforts in an ongoing campaign to stem illegal migration that has given authorities a headache since oil was struck decades ago.

Abu DhabiThe Department of Economic Development in Abu Dhabi (DED) and the General Directorate of Residence and Foreigners Affairs inked the deal, its first of its kind between two major public establishments in the oil-rich emirate.

“This agreement is intended to combat the phenomenon of illegal residents in Abu Dhabi by establishing a framework for cooperation between the two parties that would lay the foundation for the basic rules and pillars of this cooperation to serve the public,” DED said in a statement.

It said DED undersecretary Mohammed Omar Abdullah and the Directorate’s manager Colonel Saeed Salem Al Shamsi signed the accord in Abu Dhabi.

Abdullah said the pact would contribute to the creation of an “ideal environment”for security and stability in Abu Dhabi and the other UAE emirates.

He added the agreement would support efforts to turn Abu Dhabi into an attractive destination for investors, businessmen and tourists as part of its long-term development strategy dubbed Vision 2030.

Al Shamsi said the deal would allow both parties to pool efforts to combat illegal migration by “all means while preserving all civil rights and commitments.”

DED said that under the agreement, the two sides would organize events to raise awareness of residence laws and foreigners affairs as well as and the security, economic and social ramifications of the risk involved in that phenomenon.

“The agreement also states that each party will inform the other of any cases which are in violation of residence law and foreigners affairs and cases discovered in the course of discharging work duties especially during inspections so that each party will observe any violations of the law according to their jurisdictions,” the statement said.

A joint committee will also be formed to review progress and coordinate mutual efforts in order to implement the terms of this agreement and submit periodical reports to the country’s leaders.