Abu Dhabi Government stand in international exhibition at ESRI 2011 conference receives 12,000 visitors


Source:  www.ameinfo.com

Abu Dhabi Government Delegation culminated its partnership in Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) 2011 Users Conference organized by the International Ecosystem Researches Institute in San Diego – California, USA from July 11 – 15 under the logo ‘To a better understanding of the world around us’.

Cityscape Abu Dhabi 2010The main functions of the delegation included the attendance of the opening session, executive directors seminar, tribute ceremony for the Department of Transport and Department of Municipal Affairs in addition to the workshops and training courses.

H.E. Rashed Lahej Al Mansoori, Director General of the Centre said that “Abu Dhabi Government participation this year in ESRI Conference represents a continuation of its successes achieved on the international level as an advanced government in Geospatial. Our sponsorship of this conference confirms our outstanding position in the world in the field of the electronic government in general and Geospatial in particular.

He added that “the popularity gained by Abu Dhabi Government and the 12,000 visitors out of the 15,000 participants visits and inquiry about the economic and tourist progress achieved in the UAE reflected the worldwide interest in the UAE as an optimal destination to the entire world.” He also thanked the government delegation representing 17 government authorities for their success in highlighting the bright side of the Emirate.

Tribute to the Department of Transport and Department of Municipal Affairs in Abu Dhabi

ESRI 2011 Conference has given special tribute to the Department of Municipal Affairs and Department of Transport in appreciation of their outstanding Geospatial efforts. H.E. Majid Ali Al Mansoori, Chairman of the Department of Municipal Affairs said “this tribute to the Department of Municipal Affairs by the International Ecosystem Researches Institute represents an appreciation to the Emirate of Abu Dhabi owing to the achievements made by the municipal system in the field of geographical information and management of spatial data within the Emirate. This award also re-asserts the continuous endeavors by the municipal system to achieve the goals of our prudent leadership represented in Abu Dhabi Vision 2030 aiming at making Abu Dhabi Government one of the best five governments in the world as to services provided to the Emirate resident and investors in all field specially the geographical information system and spatial data.

He added that this award creates more challenges to be faced by the municipal system and increases the responsibilities of the Department of Municipal Affairs and the other three municipalities within the Emirate towards Abu Dhabi population and our partners in both private, public sectors and other stakeholders in order to ensure sustainable development.

H.E. Moh’d Hareb Al Yousef, Executive Director of the Department of Transport said he was very happy with this appreciation and that the Geographical Information System Department has taken part for the first time in ESRI 2011 Conference in order to be acquainted with the latest technology in Geospatial and be abreast with the advanced geographical information systems and projects throughout the world. He also confirmed the Department interest in this field and has given a brief on the achievements made by the Department of Transport in the field of transport specially those dependent on geographical information. He added that the Department adopts the latest programmes in the field of geographical information and data to establish a modern infrastructure for the transport sector to be in line with Abu Dhabi vision 2030.

Mr. Jack Dengermont, Director of the Institute has opened the conference in the presence of 15,000 participants representing delegations from 100 states including governments, decision-makers, businessmen, scientists, analysts, planners and civil community organizations. He also addressed certain new geographical information systems technology and how it helps us to better understand the world around us. He referred to the Emirate of Abu Dhabi as a story of success in this field and expressed his admiration of the exhibition opened by H.E. Rashed Lahej Al Mansoori. He said “Abu Dhabi continues to establish its international presence as a modern, original and traditional Emirate.

At the executive directors meeting and in the presence of an elite of experts and specialist in Geospatial, Mr. Dengermont gave a presentation entitled “The Importance of Geographical Information System in the Decision-making and Planning for the Support to many Sectors”. He also gave examples for certain uses of the system in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi as an example for the success stories in this field in 2011.

The Abu Dhabi government delegation has also taken part in the seminar under the title (Infrastructure for the Spatial Data). Mr. Abdul Karim Al Raisi, the Executive Director of the Centre spoke about the spatial data programme in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and means of implementing such concept. He also said that the cooperation of the spatial data community with 40 members is considered as a main factor for success confirming that the Creative Geospatial is in harmony with Abu Dhabi Vision 2030, which helps in supporting the decision making process. He also spoke about the development of the programme since its inception in 2007 and upto 2011.

It is worth noting that Abu Dhabi has host the conference last year and awarded the internationally prestigious (Making Difference Award) as an appreciation for its outstanding efforts in implementing transparent advanced programmes in the field of geographical information and data at the government departments and in establishing a modern infrastructure for the e-Government.

The delegation consists of 50 participants including directors and heads of departments, specialists in Geospatial representing 17 government authorities where the latest technology in Geospatial data was displayed. Abu Dhabi Culture and Heritage Authority, Department of Municipal Affairs, Abu Dhabi Municipality, Al Ain Municipality, Abu Dhabi Education Council, Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council, National Emergency and Crisis Management Authority, Health Authority Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi Systems and Information Centre, Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority, Abu Dhabi Airport Company, Ministry of Interior, Department of Transport Abu Dhabi, CNIA, Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Authority, Abu Dhabi Commercial Property Company and Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority are among the government authorities taking part in ESRI 2011 Conference.

Abu Dhabi Government was the guest of honor at the last year round of the conference and was awarded (Making the Difference Award) which is internationally prestigious in appreciation of its outstanding efforts in the implementation of modern programmemes with utmost transparency in the field of geographical information and data the government departments and establishing modern infrastructure for the e-Government.

The conference has selected the Emirate to take part in the project (19, 20, 21) based on the idea of (19 cities in the world with 20 million population in the 21st century). It is an initiative to collect and analyze the impact of population growth on urban and economic planning. The project is in the process to be launched. Although the number of the Emirate population has not yet reached 20 million but due to the progress achieved by the Emirate in the Geographical Information System and in adopting the same in the decision-making process, Abu Dhabi City and New York City/ Manhattan were selected for benchmarking the performance indicators in the two cities to identify the impact of the population growth on the urban development.