Abu Dhabi expands bus services in eastern and western regions


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In response to the growing needs of bus services amongst commuters in Eastern and Western Regions in Abu Dhabi, the Department of Transport in Abu Dhabi (DoT) announced that three new lines have been added to the bus services in the Eastern Region, and another eight new routes in the Western Region. Operations of these routes has commenced recently.

The new routes that operate in the Eastern Region are:

•        Service number (375): linking Sweihan camel race tracks with Al Hayer Mosque. The service is available once every two hours.

•        Service number (436): linking Al Saad South with Al Ain Mall. This service is available every one hour.

•        Service number (960): linking Tawam Hospital with Al Khrair East. This service is available every half an hour.

Route modifications introduced to service 491 and 495 in the Eastern Region can be seen in the cancellation of stops on Zayed bin Sultan Street to be replaced by a new stop at Salahuddin Al Ayoubi Street.

The new routes that operate in the Western Region of Abu Dhabi include:

•        Service number (655): linking Mezaira’a Bus Station with Hameem Shabiya Mosque via Shah Plant.

•        Service number (666): that runs from Tilal Liwa Hotel to Madinat Zayed Stadium

•        Service number (667): connecting Madinat Zayed Industrial Area, Bin Kanish with Tamm Centre via Madinat Zayed bus station. The service is available from Saturday-Thursday.

•        Service (668): linking Madinat Zayed Sewerage Plant with Abu Dhabi National Oil Company for Distribution (ADNOC) via Industrial Area and Madinat Zayed bus station. Service available only on Fridays and public holidays.

•        Service (675): linking Madinat Zayed Industrial Area Sahaba Mosque to Habshan     Abu Dhabi Company for Onshore Oil Operations (ADCO) Bab accommodation.

•        Service (X65): connecting Hammem, Shah with Abu Dhabi

•        Service (X80): linking Al Ruwais New Road with Abu Dhabi via Mirfa Bus Station

•        Service (X81): extending from Al Ruwais New Road to Abu Dhabi International Airport.

Services expansion and modifications introduced for bus lines in the Western Region are:

•        Service (640): has been extended to reach Liwa Hotel

•        Service (650): has a frequency reduction of the service being provided every 2 hours to 1 per hour and a new service to reach Shah Plant is available via line (655)

•        Service (651): is now extended to Tamani Farms Mosque.

•        Service (661): will have frequency trip reduced from current two per hour to one

•        Service (664): which reaches Bin Kanish Stop in the Industrial Area, and provide service to Madinat Zayed Old Hospital every day excluding Fridays.

•        Service (665): route is split into two routs (665  and 666), therefore connecting Madinat Zayed Industrial Area with Madinat Zayed Camel Farms Mosque.

•        Service (681): will extend to Ghayathi camel farms.

•        Service (X70): service was cancelled and merged with route numbers X88 and X80 connecting Mirfa with Abu Dhabi Bus Station and Ruwais.

•        Service (X88): will experience route modification to run on services X80 and X81.

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