Abu Dhabi DED participates in World Future Energy Summit


Source:  www.ameinfo.com

The Department of Economic Development in Abu Dhabi (DED) is participating in the World Future Energy Summit (WFES) for the third year in a row. Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center (ADNEC) will host the summit from 17 January till 20 January under the patronage of H.H Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces and Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi. A huge number of presidents, leaders and experts in the field of renewable energies are attending the summit.

The exhibition which accompanies the WFES is one of the most important international exhibitions in this regard. The space of the DED in the exhibition exhibits and promotes for its services especially those services that fall in the categories of commercial activities, policy making and studies and researches preparations; the services that reflect the reality of the economy of the UAE in general and the economy of Abu Dhabi in particular.

Hamad Abdullah Al-Mas, Executive Director of International Economic Relations, said that by looking at the success of last year’s summit, the DED decided to expand its participation this year by reserving a space that extends over 151 sqm and is located near the main entrance.

Al Mas stated that the DED is well aware of the importance of participating in the biggest international event specialized in renewable energies.

“Through the exhibition, we can promote for the role of the department in the sustainable development in Abu Dhabi as well as enhance the economic position of the emirate on the world economic map. We can promote for the investment, touristic and industrial attractiveness and competitiveness of Abu Dhabi regionally and internationally,” he said.

Al Mas added that starting from its strategic plans and policies, the DED is aware of seizing local and international opportunities to promote for the services of the department and the huge investment capabilities of Abu Dhabi.

Al Mass added that the summit and the related exhibition is of a great place for promoting for the services of the department in front of a huge number of officials, specialists and interested people.

Figures from last year shows that more than 24,000 people followed up the summit and was attended by a big number of policy makers, researchers and investors in renewable energies who came from 130 countries amid international focus, especially that the last year summit came along with the launch of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA).

“The pioneering role of the UAE in the renewable energies is well acknowledged by the international community. The world is convinced that the UAE now leads the international movement in the field of renewable energies due to its seriousness and futuristic vision.”

He pointed out that choosing Abu Dhabi to host IRENA can be considered as an international acknowledgment in the ability of the UAE to realize the ambitions of the world in this regard. The commitment of the government in holding the WFES is but an episode in a series of complete work that reflects the awareness of the UAE in the importance of the renewable energies.

This series includes establishing Masdar City as the first free-carbon emission city in the world, opening Masdar Institute, hosting the headquarter of IRENA and other futuristic projects.

The international belief in the ability of the UAE in pushing the wheel of renewable energies forward did not come from a vacuum but from policies and visions that were transformed into real steps on the ground.

He noted that the government invested about seven billion dollars on clean energy projects in 2008 and is planning to execute investment plans with $50 billion by 2015.

“It also plans to increase the contribution of renewable energies in meeting the countries need of energy to 7% by 2020,” he said.

Ayda Khouri, Director of the International Economic Promotion in the DED, said that diversifying the economic basis of the emirate to include all the economic sectors occupies a big part of the Abu Dhabi Vision 2030 which aims at realizing sustainable development. From here came the interest of the DED in developing and supporting non-oil sectors such as export industries.

Al Khouri added that the exhibition is an opportunity through which the DED can promote for its services in developing all economic aspects in the emirate, such as developing the services provided to investors and businessmen and providing facilities considering the local, regional and international competitiveness. The exhibition is an important opportunity for promoting the investment features in the emirate and a chance to attract investors and businessmen who fund the strategic economic projects and infrastructure projects.

Dr Adeeb Al Afifi, the Director of Foreign Trade and Export Support at the DED, said the different international exhibitions such as the WFES featured exhibition can be considered as a tool to inform the world about the national products, shed the light on their features and enhance their competitiveness.

“The DED is well aware of developing and expanding its space in this year’s exhibition. The space of the department includes four renewable and clean energy related factories.”
Starting from its role in supporting the policy of economic diversity, the DED is aware of promoting for national industries, especially the export ones.

“Therefore, the department completely supports the national factories in Abu Dhabi to participate in local and international exhibitions,” he said.

“In this regard, the space of the DED in the exhibition hosts four factories in Abu Dhabi namely: Abu Dhabi Environment Protection Technology Factory, Green Precast Factory, Bin Hilal Group and Industrial Innovation Group.

This year’s exhibition welcomes companies representing six new countries participating in WFES including Sweden, Luxemburg, Portugal, Singapore, Hungary and Hong Kong. Over 600 international and local organisations active in the fields of solar, wind, geothermal, biofuel, hydropower and energy efficiency, in addition to water treatment, waste management and air pollution, have confirmed their attendance at the fourth edition of WFES.

The summit will feature two exhibitions: The World Future Energy Exhibition, focusing on advanced and renewable energy; and The World Future Environment Exhibition dedicated to air, water and waste management technologies and solutions.

New for WFES 2011 is the Projects’ Village, which is established in cooperation of Ernest and Young and Bloomberg New Energy Finance, is located at the heart of the WFES 2011 exhibition space, the Global Village will provide a dedicated platform for project developers from large multinational companies, rapid growth companies and start ups, to share their latest innovations, and discuss inspirational research and development projects with world leading technology and finance solution providers in this rapidly growing market. Projects worth more than $4bn dollars are expected to be presented there.