Abu Dhabi Council for Economic Development launches its new website


Source:  www.ameinfo.com

The Abu Dhabi Council for Economic Development has launched its new, attractive and user-friendly website to replace the old one. The main objective of the new website is to provide a more open, attractive, and interactive interface to interact with stakeholders and the general public and to get their feedback.

Abu DhabiThe new website will integrate the WEB 2.0 social network linkage possibilities and will add more contents to attract users and visitors on a more regular basis.

The new website will also provide all the latest news and information about ADCED’s initiatives and events. The Economic Vision 2030 Abu Dhabi will be featured in a more dynamic way highlighting each part of the Vision and enabling users to post comments and feedback. Users will be able to download PDF copies of part or the whole of the Vision document. A dedicated page will feature ADCED’s initiatives, explaining its theme, features and its implementation.

A special page will be dedicated to The Economic Review, where users will be able to read past issues, download copies, post their comments and recommend articles. They will also be able to contribute in the publication through submitting articles to the Economic Review team.

Other sections of the website include pages about ADCED, about Abu Dhabi, Economic Brief, Media Center, and Careers. ADCED will be seeking to have a maximum number of users to subscribe and log into the ADCED website on a regular basis.