500 Abu Dhabi taxis to run on CNG by 2012


Source:  www.emirates247.com

Some 500 of the 1300 taxis in Abu Dhabi would be converted to run on CNG in the first phase as the capital forges ahead on its green drive, Abu Dhabi’s Taxi regulatory authority TransAD announced yesterday.

Abu Dhabi taxiArabic daily Al Khaleej reported that the project is part of TransAD’s efforts to upgrade transport and taxi services to eco-friendly level and contribute to the achievement of sustainable development plan of Abu Dhabi 2030.

The initiative is part of Abu Dhabi’s mission to power 25 per cent of public transport and government vehicles by CNG.

TransAD announced that the Abu Dhabi National Oil company (ADNOC) would be responsible to equip the vehicles with CNG kits, while the taxi operators would bear the cost.

The move would not only help save environment by cutting down on emissions but will also help cut the fuel cost by 30 to 40 per cent, said a senior official from TransAD.

The vehicles would be fitted with a modern system that works automatically and allows the cars to run primarily on natural gas.

However, when the vehicle runs out of gas it automatically switches to conventional fuel until the gas is refilled.